Importance of bed sheets fabric and seasonal guide

When ever you think about comfortable sleep or revise best slept ever had, what’s comes to your mind? if your mind pop up with a bed sheets; then you are in right direction. Because bed sheets are as important as your blanket and mattress.

Fabric of a bed sheet is very important, because it’s the fabric which guarantees the durability of a bed sheet.

In Pakistan we have huge variety of bed sheets fabric like cotton, polyester, khaddar, cotton satin & velvet. Generally people prefer to buy cotton, cotton & polyester mix and cotton satin bed sheets because of their durability and comfort.

Cotton, Cotton Satin & Cotton plus Polyester:

Especially in summers people preferably use cotton bed sheets because it absorb heat and let air pass through it but overall cotton, cotton satin & cotton plus polyester mixed bed sheets are good for all seasons.

Khaddar & Velvet Bed Sheets:

These are very heavy sheets and mostly used in winter season, these sheets are warm one’s and helps to stay warm in winter season.

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