What You Need To Know Before You Buy Bed Sheets Online

bed sheets in Pakistan

Bed sheet is a nessory for your bed room but in this fashionable era it becomes a matter of aesthtic apeal. When people are looking to buy bed sheets they buy the match bed sheets to their room decor, taste and personality. There is a new addition in stylish bed sheets which comes under designer bed sheets. Designer bed sheets always do a twist to bed room looks and create a comfortable and pleasing room environment. I am going to list down a check which you should consider before buy bed sheets in Pakistan for your room.

What sizes are available in bed sheet in Pakistan

Ready made bed sheets comes in single, double, queen and king size. Before you go out to buy bed sheet you first need to measure your bed & mattress size.

Available fabrics of bed sheets in Pakistan

Huge range of bed sheets are available comes in different fabrics. Most common fabrics used for bed sheets are cotton, polycotton, salonika, 3D cotton and Egyptian cotton. In Pkaistan all of these fabrics can be used but you need to know the qualities of each fabric so that you can use right fabric bed sheet in right season.


Cotton bed sheets are most expensive and commonly used in our Pakistan. Because cotton bed sheets usally are soft, high quality and anti-alergic which makes cotton bed sheets fabric unmatched with any other bedding fabric.

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton bed sheets are high quality cotton bed sheets. These bed sheets are durable, do not shrink and colors are long lasting.


Polycotton (polyester & cotton mixed) bed sheets are very affordable in bed sheets catrgory. These bed sheets are good but used for one season. Polycotton bed sheets needs to follow extra wash care.

3D Bed Sheets

These bed sheets are new but these are seasonal item, fabric used in 3D bed sheets are more likely used in polyester bed sheets.

There are a more fabrics which are used in bed sheets, but you need to do their seasonal research before buy them. You can also buy bed sheets online in Pakistan. We offer best quality, best price bed sheets with cash on delivery in Pakistan.

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